10 Cats That Are Adorable And Mean All At Once


Cats are really good at multi-tasking. So if you think that they will only be cute and adorable, you are completely wrong. The felines have many faces and they reveal different sides when needed. For instance, here are some cats that are adorable, yet mean all at once. This is why it is very difficult to understand cats. They can do anything at any time. Have a look and you will know what we are talking about!


This cat is up to no good and it is pretty evident. God save his hooman!


How do cats manage to spoil all the good pictures? The mystery is yet to be solved.


“This is my cat quenching his thirst for knowledge. He hates books because I give them more attention than him.”


This cat is rethinking her option of stepping out of the home considering that this huge dog is guarding the door.


“No kitty, you are not going to get anything from my bowl this time. You got your own food bowl. Go eat from that.”

Just see how cleverly the cats lure you into believing that they only want the best for you. But it would be better for you if you don’t fall in their trap. Cats are selfish creatures who keep their needs at the top. Even though they care for their hoomans, there are times when they forget all about them. This is quite visible here.


This is going to change very soon when this little kitty grows up. He is just waiting for that moment.


When your cat tries his best to hide away, but the tail gives him away. “I will have to keep the tail in mind next time.”


When a cat is hungry, he can eat anything and you can see this right here.


When cats are upset and they don’t have a place to hide, this is what may happen.


When cats try to be innovative, but end up looking stupid.

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