10 Cats That Were Caught Doing Something They Aren’t Supposed To Be Doing


Cats have always been weird and strange. It is impossible to predict what they will do next and many people have even stopped trying to find out. It’s better to stay back and laugh at the weird things that cats do. But some of the cat actions are so strange that their hoomans are left clueless as to how should they react. Anyhow, cats still don’t care and they go on doing their own thing like always.

Here are some hilarious cats that were caught doing something that they weren’t supposed to do. Have a look and you will be surprised too!


Meeting your friends over video call is the new normal for the cats also.


When you don’t leave home anymore and your cat decides to take control of all your devices, it can be really hard to fight them.


When your cat realizes that it has been wasting its energy walking on four paws all his life. These expressions say it all.


Cats only go out on one condition. Have a look at this picture and you will know why cats don’t go out much!


When a cat sleeps on the floor, it makes sure that it is comfortable enough for a good sleep.


“Took my cat out for a ride today and this was his reaction when we returned home. I am not sure if he is angry that we are back home or is it because we went out in the first place.”


When your cat also has a place at the dinner table next to you, it is basically a person trapped in the wrong body.


Since when did cats start using ATMs? Are they about to take over the human race? It is quite likely in the near future.


When your cat gets you unexpected gift and you don’t know what to do with it, just be happy.


Cats and their wicked plans never find an end because the pawsomeness shall go on.

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