10 Evil Cats That Are Planning The End Of Their Hoomans


Cat hoomans have a conception that their furry companions are always planning to kill them. Cats have tons of things to take revenge for from their hoomans. It’s not easy to take care of such majestic creatures and we do end up making a lot of mistakes. But are the cats forgiving us or secretly planning to kill us. Maybe we will keep on contemplating.

Here are some cats that are definitely trying to kill their hoomans. Have a look!


“My cat doesn’t seem much happy with his Christmas present. I have no clue that what I am getting in return. But I have an intuition that it won’t be something great. Don’t kill me, kitty!”


“Caught the kitty on time or else, we don’t know what would have happened. Look how upset he looks.”


“How dare you try to take my place! I won’t leave you alive now. Revenge needs to be taken!”


“Cats are always right. But sometimes you need to listen to your dog, instead of the cat.”


“My cat wants me to slip over, fall and break my teeth. This evil kitty is always up to something.”

What do you think? Are these cats planning to kill their hoomans or there is something else on their minds? We need to observe them more closely and watch out for signs.


If your cat looks at you like this, he is definitely up to something. You need to be very careful.


“We are watching your every move. We will soon take revenge for what you did to us. Watch out!”


“Why is my cat looking at me like this? Did I do something wrong? Please forgive me. I promise I won’t repeat it.”


Look how adorable they look. Best friends forever! But wait, what are they discussing so seriously? I need to know.”


You got to be very careful when there are two cats in the house already. They are going to give you a tough competition.

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