10 Hilarious AF Pet Names People Overheard At The Vet


Cats are creative and so are their hoomans. But the best place to show your creativity is when you choose your cat’s name. The felines believe in purrfection and finding the purrfect name for your cat can be quite hard. Cat hoomans think a lot before naming their cats. But not all of them are capable of keeping the purrfect names for their cats. Some of them have totally nailed it though. Are you also confused about what you should name your cat? Then you are definitely at the right place.

Here are some hilarious pet names people overheard at the vet. Have a look at these cat names and you too will have a good laugh!


It can definitely take a lot of convincing when you have to take your cat to the vet. But just imagine what will happen when you have to take four cats to the vet. The task is quite impossible.


This cat has been given the right name and there is no doubt about it.


The cat is not happy with the name. Her hooman should definitely think about changing it.


Cats can be really good secret agents. Just employ them once and you will know that they are total experts.


This cat is still marvelling at his hooman’s intelligence. “Since when did hoomans become so smart. I doubt you are born in the wrong body, but I am glad to choose you.”

Cats don’t trust their hoomans very quickly. But giving a good name to your cat can definitely quicken up the process. This cat is really grateful for her name. She always listens to her hooman.


When your cat has such beautiful eyes, it’s only reasonable to name him Stardust. What else would you call the cat?


When even the cat is surprised after hearing her own name. “Why in the whole world would you name me sunshine?!”


Cats always manage to make people smile, even with their names.


Cat hoomans are getting pretty creative with their cat names nowadays.


Always be super creative when naming your cats. Your cat will thank you for this all his life.

Go ahead and share this pawsome cat story with your friends and families, especially those who need some suggestions for good cat names. This will be really helpful for them. Share your views with us in the comments.

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