10 Hilarious Cats Whose Expressions Say It All


Cats are the most expressive pets ever. Felines may be very unpredictable. But when they want you to know something, it will be evident on their face. You will be surprised to see that their expressions are way better than any human actor alive.

Here are some cats whose expressions say it all. Have a look and you will know what we are talking about.


“Hi hooman, don’t you think that you are forgetting something. Just check my food bowl before you leave.”


“My cat does this every time he is hungry. Just one look is enough to say it all.”


“You see that other cat behind me? My hooman is planning to adopt him. But I will scare him and send him far away from here before that happens.”


“I got another cat and this was the reaction of my first cat. He doesn’t look much happy.”


“Can I sleep in your bed tonight? I saw some evil spirits roaming outside the house today. I don’t think you will be safe here without me.”

When a cat says something, you have to listen no matter what. But when a cat stares at you angrily, you have to take things even more seriously.


“I woke up in the middle of the night and saw my cat staring at something like this. I couldn’t see anything there and I am totally scared now.”


“My cat won’t leave me alone even for a moment and this is how he looks at me every time I am changing. I am starting to feel like there is a man trapped inside my cat.”


This adorable look is enough to tell you that the cat is hungry. Don’t ask anything else and just give them some food right away.


“Every time I do something wrong, my cat looks at me with such judging eyes. I have to stop and rethink my actions immediately after this happens.”


The sheer pleasure of being held by your hooman.

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