10 Hilarious Pics I Captured Of My Cat During His Short Life


Baldrick, the kitty, was a real character. For a larger share of his entire 13-year life, he behaved just like a kitten. When he left back in 2017, the family was very sure that they would never find another cat with a personality similar to Baldrick’s. However, a month after Baldrick left them, a new kitten arrived in their life. They named him Edmund. Over the next 2 and a half years, Edmund was a force of nature in their family’s life. Alas, he was taken from them in a ghastly hit-and-run accident by a driver on the quiet country road where they live. We bring to you Edmund’s most hilarious pics from his short life.


Most cats are not fans of soap bubbles, even if there’s catnip mixed in it. But Edmund seemed to love them. He leaped and chased the bubbles around. However, he never quite figured why is unable to catch one. This made him even more determined in his next attack!


Edmund enjoyed jumping around the room for hours at a stretch as he chased toys. The family soon figured out that his jumping abilities outmatched that of other ordinary cats. Baldrick was also a jumper, but in comparison to Edmund he was positively earthbound. As Edmund grew, he was able to jump for about 6 feet straight up or about 8 feet sideways. All this without much visible effort!


As Edmund started to grow older, the family moved so he could have more open space where he can run around. His built resembled a Cheetah so he definitely needed a field where he could let him self free. The family was able to locate a mobile home adjacent to a field. The home seemed like a perfect location for Edmund and Melchett.



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