10 Men Who Proved That Staying Away From Pets Is Not Possible


Have you ever met a person who hates furry friends and then can’t stay away from them when they adopt one? Well, this post is all about them. Here are some hooman dads who love their pets more than anything else in the world. However, this was not always the same. These hooman dads used to hate pets and never thought that they would have one. But here they are and the rest is history.

#1 “Best nap of my day is the one I take with my cat. I wonder why I was scared of cats before I adopted one.”

#2 “My dad was always against getting pets and look at him now.”

#3 Nobody loves this kitty more than his hooman dad. Even she knows that. Look how adorable they look together.

#4 “My husband used to hate cats before we got one. Now I am the one who is jealous of this kitty.”

#5 When your furry friend is always protecting you, even in your sleep.

#6 “My dog was scared and this is what I did to calm him down.”

#7 Every furry creature hates water. So you have to make sure that they are comfortable.

#8 Playing with your furry friend is a great stress buster.

#9 Happiness is getting a good nap with your pet is the best feeling ever.

#10 When your pets finally agree to get a good picture with you.

Do you know someone who used to hate pets? But now they can’t stay away from their furry companions. Do share your story and experience with us in the comments below.

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