10 Most Important Cat Tweets Of All Time


This year may not have been a good for humans, but cats never stop being pawsome. With all the planning that they do, nobody can stop them from doing what they want. Cats takes happiness and pawsomeness along with them wherever they go. This year we some some pawsome cat tweets and here are the most important cat tweets of all time. Sit back, enjoy and have a pawsome New Year!


You can’t forget a cat after meeting it once. It will always stay with you in your heart. That’s how charming cats are.


When you touch your cat and it doesn’t bite or scratch, something is not right. Go get your cat checked!


This is just the beginning. The future is full of cat statues. Just wait for it! Pawsomeness will be here any minute now.


Nobody can stop Medusa, even a pawsome cat. We will miss you kitty.


Cats don’t have bones or they disappear magically when they sit. The case of missing cat bones is still under investigation.

Cats always have some amazing things in stock for you. They want to see everyone happy and smiling all the time. It doesn’t matter if they have to act all silly and weird to make this happen. So next time your cat does something silly, appreciate them and don’t forget to laugh. Your cat can do anything to see you smile!


This is the best cat picture of the year. For your information, the cat didn’t get hurt.


Cats can be really scary at times. Everything will be fine soon. Just give this cat some time.


Everyone is in need of such confidence and fortitude at this hour. Keep a cat close and everything will be pawsome.


Cat hoomans treat their cats no less than their children. So when the time comes, they also have to teach them how to forgive.


Somethings are just too satisfying to watch. So keep looking!

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