10 Overly Dramatic Cats Who Can’t Control Their Emotions


Cats are always in control of themselves. But sometimes, situation turns out to be so that they can’t control their reactions. At these times, even cat hoomans get surprised if it’s really their cat. the felines are always in the extreme mode. They do everything with purrfection. If they choose to ignore you, you won’t even hear a word from them. But when they start reacting, you will feel like they deserve an Oscar for their dramatic reactions.

Here are some pawsome overdramatic cats who don’t have a control over their emotions and this is totally hilarious. Have a look at these hilarious cat pictures and we bet you won’t be able to stop laughing!


A cat staring at his hooman making all the wrong decisions in life. “I will let my hooman make these stupid decision and laugh at her while she cries, also pretending to support her at the same time.”


“Nobody touches the turkey without my permission. I will decide who gets to eat it.”


Cats can be pretty dramatic at times, even more than their hoomans. You just have to capture them at the right moment.


This cat is definitely planning to mess things up with his hooman.


The tantrum throwing cat mode is on. Everyone please stay away. The cat might bite and scratch.

We told you that cats are purrfect at everything they do and here they are proving it. Well, cats are truly pawsome and they add a pinch of pawsomeness to everything they do.


These cats have the purrfect reaction to the situation in hand.


Leaving your cat outside and closing the door is the worst decision every cat hooman has ever made.


A cat male trying to convince his female friend to give him another chance, but it looks like it’s over now.


“You ate the whole pizza and didn’t let me sit on the box first. I hate you for this!”


Cats have emotions too. Stop judging them and get to work. It’s enough for the day!

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