10 Pawsome Reasons You Need a Cat in Your Life


Everybody needs a companion in their lives. Nobody is better at this job than a furry pawsome cat. Cats know all that you need and they ensure that you get it all. If you have never thought of adopting a cat before, then you are at the right place. After reading this story, you will not only think of adopting a cat, but adopt one soon.

Here are some pawsome reasons why you need a cat in your life!


Cats love to bring presents for their hoomans. Even though their choice of gift may not be the same as yours, but the effort counts.


When you adopt a cat, a lot of things come for free. Fur is at the top of that list.


This is why they love to try out everything and never shy away from working for what they want.


Cats know that their hoomans are very lazy. If not for the cats, these hoomans will never leave their comfy beds. So cats have to ensure that their hoomans stay fit and fine.


Even though cats sit on your face and trouble you, they never leave you alone when you need them. Cats have always got your back.


You don’t need an alarm clock once you adopt a cat. Your cat will ensure that you get up way earlier than you are supposed to.


Some things might hurt, but this doesn’t stop cats from trying out new stuff. It’s good to learn some lessons too.


When we say good at technology, it is more likely that the cat is destroying it rather than helping to build it.


There is no need for display of affection when your cat didn’t ask for it. If your cat needs something, it will tell you straightaway. They never waste time.


“Hoomans have no sense at all. They never put the things the way they are supposed to be. I have to set everything in the right direction.”

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