10 Signs That Your Cat Loves You


Cats may not appear as affectionate as dogs. But cat owners know that the feline creatures love them and have a different way of expressing it. Are you still trying to find out if your cat loves you? Don’t worry about it because you will find out after reading this. Here are ten ways in which your kitty says “I love you” and “Thank you”.

#1 You never see your cat wagging its tail like dogs do. But have you noticed that the knead their paws. Well, they just have a different way to show affection.

#2 Has your cat ever brought home a dead animal? Then consider yourself lucky because they like to share their most precious things with you.

#3 Cats have a different way of marking their territory. They do so by rubbing their heads which have concentrated scent glands against your head and cheek.

#4 If you catch your cat constantly staring at you, it means they feel comfortable and safe around you.

#5 Cats hardly expose their belly to anyone. So if you are lucky enough to see their vulnerable side, they really trust you.

#6 Cats tend to carry their tail higher when they are happy and content. They may even wrap it around you.

#7 Your cat may constantly nibble and nip at you. Well, they are not being aggressive. It’s just a sign of their affection for you.

#8 The fur balls also run between their hooman’s legs to leave their scent and keep other animals away from you. They are very possessive creatures and hate to share you with anyone.

#9 Ever seen your cat purr? If yes, then you are very lucky because they don’t do that often.

#10 Cats will follow you everywhere you go. Not to annoy you, but because they love you.

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