Cat Who Lost His Ears Finds Forever Home And A Best Friend (10 Photos)


Cats are a huge blessing in their hooman’s life. With their mysterious and mischievous personalities, cats know how to make everyone laugh. There is something about cats that make them really special. Many people think that they are the ones adopting a cat, but actually it’s the other way round. Cats are the ones who own their hoomans and rule their homes.

Cats are pawsome, cute and extremely moody too. They always do what they feel like doing. Here’s one such pawsome cat Potato about whom we are going to talk today!

Potato’s wholesome and inspiring story will definitely melt your hearts. Potato was rescued from the streets of China by a local shelter. The little kitty was sick and abandoned when he was found. The kitty had ceruminous adenoma in on his ear flaps and in his ear canals.

The vet did everything to get rid of adenoma, but it returned. The vets were left with no choice but to remove the cat’s canals and flaps in order to prevent the disease from spreading.

But the good thing is that the cat found his forever home and a new best friend, Horlicks! Potato’s new hoomans say that even though the cat’s ears were removed, he can still hear them. The cat’s hooman also shared his picture on the social media.

Potato was a stray cat, so no one knows when he was born or how old he is.

After a lot of guessing, it was figured out that the kitty was around six years old and his hooman’s feel really lucky to be with the cat. you can definitely check Potato’s Instagram page and see how pawsomely adorable the cats is.

Potato is an amazing cat and everyone instantly falls in love with the cat. The innocent look that Potato gives is enough to make anyone fall for the cat. His heartwarming story can melt anyone and everyone’s heart.

Even though Potato has no ears, he is really good at sensing everything that happens around him. Look how carefully the little kitty observes everything.

Here’s another pawsome picture of Potato with his best friend Horlicks! There is something about their bond that makes everyone believe in true friendship.

Don’t forget to share this heartwarming story with your friends and all the cat lovers around you! Share your views with us in the comments below!

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