Make Yourself Feel Warm Inside With These 20 Wholesome Cat Pics


If there is one animal that could help us escape the misery, chaos and that never-ending feeling of emptiness, it is definitely cats.


Last year CNN estimated that internet holds at least 6.5 billion cat pictures, and in the year 2020 humans seem to have officially lost the count. And if we are being honest, it does not matter in the slightest because our love for our feline companions continues to grow every day.






We have put together some of the top pictures of wholesome cattos full of emotional nutrients. So, scroll through and begin feeling the warmth from these cute kitties, and do not forget to  share the wholesomeness with your friends and family.







The fondness of cat pics and clips is such a global thing, that it remains untainted by differences of age, culture or social background. Our common liking towards this majestic species may be construed as an internationally known language of fun and friendship.







Cat pics and videos evidence the subtleties of relationship of humans with non-humans in a way that is understandable to everybody who sees it. No wonder mankind has grown so fond of these amazing goofballs and we hope to see the bond grow stronger with time.




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