Study shows Women Find Men Who Own Cats More Attractive


You know why cats are called the ruler of the world? Because felines not only affect their hooman’s life, but the decision of other people surrounding them as well. Cats influence the world of dating as well. Do you want to know how? This article will tell you all about it.

According to statistics, out of the young Americans aged 18 to 29, around forty eight percent have used online dating sites. Out of these people, fifty four percent people believe that these dating sites are successful at bringing two people together. So a lot of people are taking the dating apps seriously.

The first and foremost thing that people consider is the appearance of the other person on the dating apps. So everyone tries to put on their best picture. Two scientists named Shelly Volsche and Lori Kogan conducted a unique research regarding this. Does the presence of a cat picture has an impact on the woman’s choice?

Studies clearly show that cat owners are preferable and more attractive than the ones who don’t like cats. Researchers said,

In addition to attractiveness, we predicted that the cat’s presence would make the men seem more trustworthy, gentle, and caring, alluding to the possibility of a potentially valuable long-term mate and future father.

The scientists already have a lot of data on dogs, so they had to test the effect of cats. The results showed that women were more attracted to men who posted pictures holding cats. So if you ain’t getting any purrfect match, better get a cat.

As adorable as cats are, anyone is sure to fall for them. So women may say no to men, but it’s really hard when it comes to cats.

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