Grandma Goes Mission Impossible While Dangling A 7 Y.O. From 5th Floor to Rescue Her Cat


If you as a pet owner has ever had this feeling that your pet is the most precious thing in your life and you would cross any line to protect him, allow us to show you a video that will certainly make you reconsider your priorities. Most out of us will be extremely reluctant to put our kids in danger for bringing our beloved felines back to safety. However, this grandma has a slightly different order of priorities than anybody else. When she found that her cat was seated on a ledge one floor below hers, the best plan of action she could think of to rescue the kitty was dangling her own 7-year-old grandchild on a rope and putting his life at risk. This happens only in China, right?

Passers by shoot the video of the reckless lady dangling her grandson from the 5th floor balcony to rescue her cat

The poor little catto was stuck on the 4th floor ledge, so the lady dangles her grandson off the balcony

Passers-by were awestruck and began to shoot a video as the Chinese grandma dangled Hao Hao, her 7 year-old-grandson from a rope out of her 5th floor balcony in what is evidently an extremely risky attempt of rescuing the beloved feline that was stuck on a ledge just 1 floor below hers. The video shows how the whole thing went down as the boy carefully balances himself on the tiny ledge and put the cat in the bag after which the grandma pulls both of them back up.

Fortunately, the little boy was able to rescue the cat and get it into the bag and both of them were pulled back up safely

As always, internet found ways to make the situation humorous

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